IMS Policy


An integrated management system has been established in order to apply requirements of ISO 30000 Ship Recycling Standard and also ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO 45001, Hong Kong Convention and EU Ship Recyling standard on management and operational activities.

As the management;;

We undertake that we shall carry out our ship recycling activities by following all national and international protection systems, techniques developed and guides published about this subject, that we shall comply with all national Laws and Regulation and all International Agreements that Turkey has signed and to perform them in order for them not to jeopardize environment and health and safety of employees.

Our Policy formed in order to reach our goals:

  • To prevent pollution and accidents in our activities,
  • To inform related institutions, visitors, employees of the work place and our suppliers of precautions, safety measures taken, our undertakings, our applications for Environment Protection, Worker Health and Safety and Recycling Management System.
  • To monitor constantly performance of our activities, to reduce the harm given to environment to minimum, to provide safe work, to protect welfare of employees, and to prevent accidents from happening.
  • In order to evaluate and monitor performance of our policy in reaching the goal, to supervise our system and have it supervised.
  • To take precautions in order to prevent work accidents and occupational diseases from happening, to support them with trainings.
  • To participate in energy conservation and reducing natural resource use.
  • To work with our subcontractors within reciprocal partnership, contact and reliability and to increase our productivity.
Temurtaşlar Gemi

Izmir has been operating in ship recycling since 2010 in Aliaga-IZMIR. Our annual recycling capacity is 100.000 metric ton. We have been recycling variety of vessels such as DRY CARGO SHIPS, RO-RO, PASSENGER CRUISE, TANKERS, MILITARY WAR SHIPS and OIL RIGS