Environmental MS Scope

Scope and Limits of Environmental Management System


Our established management system is applied to all processes related to ship dismantling. These are:

  • Acceptance of ships to the facility for recycling;
  • Evaluation of dangerous situations on board;
  • Identification and fulfillment of any certification and import requirements for ships to be recycled;
  • Implementation of the recycling process in a safe and environmentally sound way;
  • Conducting required trainings;
  • Ensuring the availability of social facilities (first aid, health checks, food and drink, etc.);
  • Storage and recycling of waste and materials removed from ships;
  • Management of waste stream and recycling stream, including contractual agreements;
  • Documentation checks for the process, including notifications for the ship's final disposal;
Temurtaşlar Gemi

Izmir has been operating in ship recycling since 2010 in Aliaga-IZMIR. Our annual recycling capacity is 100.000 metric ton. We have been recycling variety of vessels such as DRY CARGO SHIPS, RO-RO, PASSENGER CRUISE, TANKERS, MILITARY WAR SHIPS and OIL RIGS